Swedish Association of Transportation Planners

The Swedish Association of Transportation Planners is an independent not-for-profit network organization. Our 900 members are transport- and traffic professionals active in government, public administration, universities and schools, think tanks, local authorities and private firms. We are brought together because we share an interest and appreciation for the challenges of modern transport planning.

To understand and impact the development of traffic and transportation in today's society we need interdisciplinary skills. The job of transport planning involves creating systems, policies and strategies that must meet the needs of an increasingly mobile society. The modern transport planner needs to be both technically proficient and at the same time understand the complex relationship between the transport system and environmental impacts, safety, economic factors, mobility, social sustainability, etc. To master this varied field, we need to meet, talk, and work together.

The main purpose of the Swedish Association of Transportation Planners is to supports our members by providing a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences. We do this through local meetings, conferences, courses, publications, an active member listing, and our website.

  • Across Sweden we have ten local contact groups. These groups arrange smaller informal meetings, seminars, etc.
  • Through our magazine "Reflexen" we debate and analyze current affairs and interesting projects in our field. The magazine is produced by, and for, our members.
  • At the annual "TF-dagarna" members from all parts of Sweden join for two days of seminars, workshops, lectures and social activities.
  • We award two prizes each year. One prize is awarded to a student for outstanding master dissertation in the field of transport planning. One prize is awarded to a person active in our field, to recognize good transport planning. We also have a scholarship for study trips abroad.

Feel free to contact one of our board members if you want to know more about our Swedish Association of Transportation Planners. You can reach us on 

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